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Authority Crawler Features

Reliable, Complete & Easy To Use

Save Effort

Authority Crawler can automatically scrape seed lists for you. Just input  a list of keywords and Authority Crawler does the rest.

Save Time

Give Authority Crawler a seedlist and it does the rest. Spend more time focusing on your business

Save Money

Build your own PBN rather than spending $30-$100 per domain.

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With top-quality niche-relevant domains. Use Authority Crawler seed list creator to quickly find expired domains in your niche.

Use it on Laptop or VPS

Run it on Windows XP, 7 and 8 plus Windows 2008 server and Windows 2012 server

Metrics Integration

Automatically checks domain availability and Moz.

How Authority Crawler Works

What our customers are saying...

"I have been using AC tool for about 2 weeks now. I have found a decent niches expired domains. "
Kim Smith
"Within a one hour I was able to find some domains that have a much higher value than the 79$ I spent on the software."
John Williams
"This is a reliable crawler. I tried many others and they were very slow and crashed. This is the one I was looking for."
Liz James

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Authority Crawler ?

Authority Crawler is an expired domain crawler. You give AC a list of URLs and it will start crawling the web. When it finds an unregistered domain, it checks it, and outputs it onto your screen.

What are the TLDs that works with Authority Crawler ?

Authority Crawler supports com , net , org , biz , info , and more than 24 others TLDs .

Can Authroity Crawler find Niche specific domains ?

Yes , it can , just import your seed list and let the other work on AC.

What is a seed list ?

We mean here by seed list a number of URLS you create and give it to the software to crawl it .

Do I Need a paid Moz Account?

No, Authority Crawler will work with the free Moz API. You must have a  Moz API key to use Authority Crawler.

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